Halloween Wines

Where has the year gone? The weather has turned colder, the leaves are changing, and Christmas decorations are on sale at Costco. It must be time for Halloween!

Courtesy of Skeleton Vineyards
While most of us spend our time figuring out what to wear to the local costume party, or if we're hosting, how to decorate the house...the rest of us our trying to plan the food and beverages for the evening. If it is an adult party, there are plenty of Halloween drinks that might suit the bill, but how about wine? What if you want to serve wine, and keep the Halloween theme? I have a few (maybe more) suggestions for you to try.

I'll be the first to say, some of these wines are a bit difficult to find. I checked the local BevMo and Total Wine, as well as the local grocery store, with no luck. Where I did find a selection in stock was a bit surprising....World Market. Many of these Halloween wines are also available online, and with early enough notice, you should be able to order, and have them delivered prior to October 31st.

So here is my list of potential Halloween wines. I have tasted a number of these, but not all, so can't vouch for their quality, but can approve their names, creepy wine labels, or spooky graphics:

Poizin and Antidote from Armida Wines
Werewolf Wine - from Romania, and available through different online stores.
Wicked Good Wine
Skeleton Vineyards
Goose Bumps - a red wine from Sicily. A light fruity red. Found at World Market.
Vampire Vineyards (makes Vampire, Dracula and Trueblood wines)
Hocus Pocus Syrah - from Black Sheep Finds Winery in Santa Barbara
Witch Creek Winery
Bogle Phantom - Bogle makes some very good, reasonably priced wines, but the name works on this one
Chateau Diana (makes Trick, Treat and Zombie Zin) - simple, but fun wines.
Big Red Monster
7 Deadly Zins - voted one of the favorite Zinfandels in our informal blind tasting.
Gray Ghost Winery
Charles Smith Wines - Makes The Velvet Devil Merlot and King Coal Cabernet,
Ghost Pines - from the Louis Martini winemakers
Slaughterhouse Cellars
Ash Hollow Legend Headless Red (check out their video)
Black Cat Cabernet
Elk Creek Vineyards - from Kentucky, so may be difficult to find (makes Ghostly White and Bone Dry Red)
Ed Hardy Sangria
Scarecrow (if you can afford it)
Bull's Blood also known as Egri Bikaver, from Hungary
Dia de Los Merlot - found only at World Market
Dracula's Blood - a California winery
Spellbound Wines 
Chronic Cellars - has good wine, and great labels for Halloween
Twisted Oak River of Skulls
Hob Nob Wine, from France
Witching Hour - Red and white blends
 Also, there are some pretty good wines coming out of Romania...look for Transylvanian wine.

I'm sure there are more out there, and if you come across some good wines for Halloween, add them to the comments section below.

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